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  to the circus artists!

We are so happy to have you here!
We are Romy and Lukas and together we are
the hand to hand duo
"It takes Two"

Impression - Take a view - here on YouTube



About Us

Hand to Hand, Flying Pole



I started gymnastics at a very young age. At the age of 8, I switched to the State Acrobatic School in Berlin and my 9-year edacuation begin. I specialize in Stage Pole and Hand to Hand. It has always been my dream to inspire people with my art and to travel around the world. Now that I've turned my hobby into a job, I want to make this dream come true.

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to practice a hand to hand act. 10 years later I'm standing here with that and much more. My passion for Pole started when I was about 11, and I finally got started when I was 16. Before that I was working on a duo at the Aerial Moon, but my partner became sick and I had to focus on something new. So I started with Stage Pole. The Pole training helped me through the hard times, thats why I have a very strong bond with my prop. I've always liked working in duos and groups and I'm very glad we found us. In 2023 we finally found our Duo "It takes Two"

Trailer Dance Pole Romy

lukas _edited.jpg


I'm a purposeful, young and confident artist with the goal to show my personality on the world's stages. But my ambitions only developed over the course of my life. I started doing gymnastics as a hobby when I was 4 years old. The self-control, which I particularly need for my current job, i learned in my karate lessons, where I presented myself for the first time in front of an audience and quickly realized that I really enjoyed the feeling of being on stage.

At the age of 11 I finally start training at the acrobatic school in Berlin, where I  began my 8-year education. I quickly developed the enthusiasm to fly through the air with my friends on the teaterboard and later also to present my very own art in our hand to hand act with. After many years of hard training, I managed to achieve a balance between myself and my movements, which you can see especially in our duo act. The free development of my art finally helped me to realize myself at the age of 19.

Trailer Teeterboard Squaire


Hand to Hand

A lot of trust and close cooperation is essential for a successful hand to hand duo. With this concept we created extraordinary and newly created movements. The journey takes us through our lives full of art and trust. We focused on the movement and its execution. With fluid movements we give our tricks a new meaning and created an act in which movements and tricks flow into each other.

We first met in 2015 at the state acrobatic school in berlin. In 2021 we started our first training session together. It quickly became clear that we wanted to continue with this. After a lot of breaks due to Corona, injuries and performances, we finally graduated together in summer 2023 and we are looking forward to everything that comes our way.



phone & WhatsApp   +49 (0) 15773996751

Thanks for your email and have a nice day :)

Our Services

Here you can get a little inside in what we are doing with our art


Solo: Dance Pole

         Flying Pole

         Teeterboard (4)

Duo:  Hand to Hand

         Flying Pole

Big group of 7 people:                                                              *Teeterboard

                                     *Dance Pole


                                     *Aerial Hoop

                                     *Hand to Hand

                                     *Cyr Wheel



first things first:

You dont have to book our Act. We both love new creations and trying out new stuff. We are very opendminded to every style of shows and would love to create new things with you.


of course you can also book one of our beautiful acts which we created with a lot of love and patience. In our acts we create extraordinary movements with our bodies that inspire the audience and let them forget their everyday life for a moment.


We both love to perform all over the world.

We work at galas, festivals, weddings, birthdays, varietes, circus and many more.

 There is nothing we wouldnt do so dont be shy and aks us :)

additional skills

  • Flying Pole

  • Duo Pole

  • Duo Aerial Hoop/Moon

  • Handstand

  • Tumbling

  • Dancing

  • Group acrobatics

  • Teeterboard

  • Handstand

  • Tumbling

  • Juggling
  • Banquine
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